Inhouse Audio Training 2021

Inhouse Audio Training

Inhouse Audio Training 2021
(over 25 years of professional audio training expertise)

Inhouse Audio Training provides individual, hands on, in-studio training where the student is taught the very latest techniques in Audio/Music production that puts them years ahead of others. All training is configured around the students requirements and are not generic training programs, one size does not fit all.

2021 Audio Technology Training Program

We offer one of the most advanced audio training program in Africa where the student is not only taught what they need to know today but also the technology they will need to know in the future. We also offer training that the other mainstream colleges and varsities cannot offer and that is Personal, Individual, Hands On training, everyday.

We cover all audio industries in our training program from Audio/Music Production thru to Electronics and Procedural Audio.

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Ankha has over 35 years working experience in the South African audio Industry and has held the position of chief engineer at E.M.I and Downtown Studios and has worked at the S.A.B.C, Bop Studios and many other of South Africa's top prestige's Audio facilities. She has worked with SA’s legends such as Brenda and the Big Dudes (Engineered Weekend Special) also Don Larka, Lucky Dube, Ray Phiri, Dalom Kids, and recorded, mixed/mastered/produced many of South Africa's rock and metal legends. More industry credits can be found in her credit link above.


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